June 23

IT Support in Long Island: Data Lakes or Warehouses— Which is Better?

IT support firms in Long Island often advise companies what sorts of data management paradigms best fit their operational infrastructure. Usually, data is stored in one of two ways: in a data “lake” or a data “warehouse.”

Here’s the primary difference: data “lakes” are comprised mostly of “raw” data. Everything is sort of thrown together into a “soup” of information much like a lake. A data warehouse is information consolidated into categories and organized, making everything easy to reference and utilize.

Pros and Cons of Lakes and Warehouses

IT outsourcing firms in Long Island will advise you to determine what levels of access and security define your data storage needs. Also, what sort of resources you have available for ongoing management. Common pros and cons concern the following subject regarding data lakes and warehouses:

Accessibility of Data

IT support firms in Long Island often advise businesses who need quick, expedient, comprehensive access to data to use a data “warehouse.” Everything is organized appropriately there. But in terms of massive data sets which require extraction, data lakes are better and can be more secure, owing to the necessity for professionalism in the extraction process.

Expenses Related to Storage

IT outsourcing firms in Long Island will advise those operations looking to save money on data to use a data warehouse, as information is categorized and stored with specificity, reducing overall costs. Lakes are just everything together. Think of it like managing a water tower as opposed to a man-made reservoir.

Security, Flexibility, and Processing

Data lakes have less processing time and more flexibility than data warehouses, but they aren’t as secure as most data warehouses. There’s a bit of a tradeoff in this area.

Making an Informed Choice

IT support in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you determine processing, flexibility, security, expenses, and accessibility concerns pertaining to your data storage needs. From there, we can help advise you as to your best data management plan. Contact us for more information.

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