January 9

IT Support on Long Island: How Connected Retail Improves the Customer Experience

Connected retail has emerged as quite the effective means of enhancing the customer experience. Nowadays, retailers have the power to provide sales personnel with all the information they need to find exactly what they need or desire in as little time as possible. Below, our IT support team on Long Island explains how connected retail provides a better customer experience:

The Power of Connected Retail

There is a common misconception that retailers are going out of business at an astonishingly high rate and there is no hope for the future. In reality, plenty of retailers are thriving. The little-known truth is the vast majority of retail sales take place in traditional brick-and-mortar venues. The in-store experience still provides the optimal customer experience. Connected retail is greatly enhancing the in-store shopping experience. Connected retail arms sales associates with all relevant information necessary to inform customers about the business’s offerings, persuade them to make a purchase and return for subsequent visits.

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Whether customers have questions or concerns about products or services, sales associates can rely on connected retail technology to provide immediate answers. There is no longer any need to revert back to an office to check the inventory system for specific merchandise. Rather, the sales associate can remain on the floor with the customer and find out all the necessary information without delay. This immediate and accurate retrieval of essential information greatly enhances loyalty. The bottom line is the same level of responsiveness is not available online. The best possible customer experience is still on the retail sales floor.

Connected Retail’s Mobile Devices

Connected retail is centered on sales associates’ use of mobile devices. Our IT support team on Long Island knows the ins and outs of these mobile devices as well as other hardware and software necessary for businesses to serve customers in the most efficient manner possible. Sales associates use mobile devices to connect to numerous systems in a tablet or smartphone. The end result is a highly enjoyable and informative shopping experience for customers. Our IT services team on Long Island can help your business with the technical challenges so you can make the most of mobile devices. The end result will be an unparalleled level of efficiency. Tap into the power of connected retail, and your team will complete transactions at any on-site location, reduce lines, and ultimately spike revenue.

At Total Technology Solutions, our IT support team on Long Island can help you make the most of your computers, networks, and other technology. Whether you need assistance with digital security, computer hardware, the cloud, or disaster recovery, we are at your service. Contact us now for more information.

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