February 5

IT Support in Long Island: Cloud Recovery Best Practices

Comprehensively Securing Data Stored on the Cloud

Working with IT support experts in Long Island can give you a leg up compared to competitors when it comes to securing your most sensitive information on the cloud. There are a variety of best practices worth considering here, and getting a little outside help is recommended.

Methods of Data Security

IT consultants in Long Island recommend that you should not merely leave your data security up to your cloud provider without checking into the way they keep data safe. Following are a few ways to “keep them honest”, as it were:

Proper Risk Assessment

IT support professionals in Long Island strongly advise that you should assess your own risks to determine the sort of cloud data backup you enact. You could have site damage, network damage, or a regional problem. If your IT company were in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, having off-site backups wasn’t good enough if they weren’t located far away from the disaster.

Applying the Most Feasible Data Replication Tactics

Tape format, magnetic disk drives, virtual tape libraries, and synchronous data replication represent primary Data Replication (DR) tactics in wide use today. With cloud computing, synchronous DR can be assured with greater accuracy and effectiveness than perhaps has ever been the case.

Audit Your Cloud Providers

You should look into how cloud providers secure your data. They should give you that information. It’s simple professionalism. If they don’t, it would be wise to switch providers. There’s no reason to hide that kind of information.

Making Cloud Security More Effective

At Total Technology Solutions, our IT support team in Long Island can help you most effectively assess the risks your data is likely to be subject to and which security methods to apply in terms of backup for your cloud strategy. Additionally, you can determine what sort of DR fits your needs. Lastly, perform cloud provider audits at intervals to determine if the options you’re using represent your needs. To learn more, contact us.

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