April 18

IT Support in Long Island: Choosing the Right IT Platform for Your Law Firm

The use of technology has a substantial impact on law firms. Many law firms must decide between using a web-based, on-premises server based, or a hosted server-based solution to meet all of their technical needs. Each one of these options has advantages and disadvantages, and it is critical to gain a full understanding of these different services. IT support experts in Long Island present this brief overview of the various services and which one is in the best interests of your law firm:

Web-Based Management

Web-based management tends to be more simple because it requires no installation of software and you access everything through your web browser. All updates are implemented automatically and you do not have to worry about storage space due to everything being hosted online. Gmail is an excellent example of web-based management, while MyCase, Rocket Matter, and Clio are popular services that are used by law firms. While web-based management is relatively inexpensive, the main drawback is that the software is limited and is not all-encompassing. Instead, it is much more effective to combine web-based management with the use of an IT provider, as your law firm will be able to experience the best of both worlds at an affordable price.

On-Premises Server Based

An on-premises server-based IT platform stores all of the law firm’s documents and software onto local servers. These onsite server solutions can host more information and many more features compared to web-based management. However, the main disadvantage of an on-premise server is that it requires a highly skilled in-house IT staff. However, partnering with an IT support provider in Long Island will give your law firm access to highly trained professionals that can help you take advantage of technology without hiring an in-house IT team.

Hosted Server Based

A hosted server will enable your law firm to take advantage of cloud technology. With a hosted server, you can easily store information in an offsite cloud server, without worrying about maintenance or losing data to a natural disaster. Cloud services are a hybrid between web-based and on-premise servers, which allows your law firm to experience the advantages of both platforms with minimal drawbacks. You can access this information from any location with an internet connection, and an IT provider will provide regular updates to ensure that everything is working correctly. This information in the cloud is also protected by encryption, which prevents external threats from gaining access to your confidential information.
IT support in Long Island can help your law firm take advantage of cloud services through automatic updates, accessibility, and the highest levels of security. Total Technology Solutions is an IT support provider that can help your law firm reach new levels of success through the use of cloud computing. Our top focus is always to meet the needs of our clients and help them decide which IT services are the best for their business. If you wish to learn more about cloud technology, contact us now and let us discuss how cloud services will significantly impact your law firm.

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