August 14

IT Support in Long Island: Choosing Between Cloud Computing and MSP

Keeping up with technology is an ongoing challenge for many small to medium-sized businesses that need IT support in Long Island. Two options available to companies of all sizes are cloud computing services and managed service providers.
So, which one is the right choice for your company?

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services focus on data storage and security. They store data on servers which can be accessed from anywhere. This works well for companies whose employees need access while working remotely or traveling. It is also a good option for companies that don’t want to manage an internal data center.
What cloud computing does not offer is a team of experts to manage other aspects of their customers’ IT environments.

Managed Service Provider

A managed service provider (MSP) focuses on managing your company’s IT infrastructure through monitoring and proactive maintenance. They are helpful for securing a client’s data environment and for keeping the business in touch with the latest technological advancements. They also bring a full team of IT experts to their clients for a low monthly subscription cost.
An MSP works well for smaller companies that don’t have the budget or desire to hire an entire IT staff of experts.

Cloud Services or MSP?

Now that you know more about each service, let’s look at what you need to consider when deciding which would serve your company best when it comes to your overall IT health and IT support in Long Island:

  • Workload – One thing to consider in making this decision is how much your current IT staff can handle. If your staff can handle your current needs as well as your future ones, then hiring a managed service provider is not a high priority. If your staff is already struggling and you don’t want to bring on new IT employees, then an MSP may be the answer.
  • Data availability and security – A cloud computing service can help you make your data easily available from remote locations while keeping secure with the latest technology. An MSP can help you help you with data security also.
  • Future goals – Your company is growing and you may need to make changes to the way you handle your technological needs. Moving to the cloud may make sense as your company moves into multiple regions. Hiring an MSP may make sense in the same scenario where you need to manage IT in multiple branch offices.

If you are interested in learning more about cloud computing and MSPs, contact us at Total Technology Solutions today. We are the experts in IT support in Long Island businesses rely on.

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