November 16

How an IT Support Provider in Long Island can Make Remote Work Secure

Businesses can make their remote work environments more secure by outsourcing to an experienced IT support provider in Long Island. A talented IT team that understands bring-your-own-device (BYOD) or flexible business cultures can train your team to avoid common mistakes that lead to extra IT expenses. Here are ways that an IT team can make remote work more secure:

Working from Home

A workforce can be more productive working in a comfortable environment from home. An IT provider will explain to employees the various ways that hackers can fool workers into clicking emails and web pages that unleash malware. They will also advise workers to keep personal email accounts separate from company email accounts. They will inform your employees about how hackers use phishing scams to deceive victims.

Public Wi-Fi

Logging into a business network from public Wi-Fi is considered high-risk for keeping confidential information private. Public Wi-Fi includes free internet at restaurants and hotels. You have no idea who else has access to the network and can see what’s on your screen. All it takes is software for hackers to spy on public Wi-Fi users.

Sending a business email through a public Wi-Fi system opens the door to hackers stealing the information. Hackers prey on public Wi-Fi systems to gather data that they may find valuable in the future. They may also spy on private chats and other electronic communication.

Virtual Private Networks

An effective alternative to a public Wi-Fi network is a virtual private network (VPN). This type of network gives you an extra layer of security through encrypted data between your LAN and connected devices to block hackers. Encryption protects shared resources, logins, and electronic communication. Employees simply enter their name and password to log in to a VPN device.

Cloud Solutions

An IT support provider in Long Island can maximize your business technology by connecting you with cloud services that make your operation more efficient. Whether it’s automation software to complete redundant tasks or platforms that give you collaborative tools that make teamwork easier, there are plenty of cloud services that can raise the quality of your operation.

Although cloud services usually provide their own layers of protection, you still need to make sure that data is encrypted and that programs require multi-factor authentication. An IT provider can provide appropriate tools for your employees.

Up-to-Date Software

Keeping your software updated is another way to guard against vulnerabilities. Hackers can penetrate older software more easily, especially if it has a known security flaw. By using the latest versions of software, patches take care of such flaws. Waiting too long to upgrade software can lead to disasters, such as the Equifax hack in September 2017.

Authorizing automatic updates on devices of remote workers is part of the key to a smooth private cloud operation. The IT staff won’t have to worry about checking the status of every device and can focus on other activities.


It’s possible to save money on equipment by letting workers use their own devices. An IT support provider in Long Island utilizes modern security strategies to protect your data. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more¬†about how we can make your business more secure.

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