February 7

How IT Support on Long Island Can Help with Software Migration

Migrating to Office 365 using the cutover method can go more smoothly with the help of an IT support provider on Long Island. Trying to conduct a migration on your own can be complex and confusing, leading to errors that slow down business continuity. Here are ways that a professional IT team can help with the cutover migration process:

Understanding the Cutover Migration Process

As your IT support provider on Long Island can explain, Microsoft defines a cutover migration as a process for moving 2,000 or fewer mailboxes to the cloud in one batch. The most effective way to move multiple mailboxes is in small amounts instead of one batch, but some businesses put a higher priority on meeting deadlines or speeding up processes. Moving to Office 365 will help your company with better security, compliance and global access.

Keys to Overcoming Common Migration Mistakes

Working without a managed IT expert on Long Island is high risk, since the DIY migration method often creates mistakes that require IT experts to fix anyway. One of the biggest benefits of working with a seasoned IT crew is that it provides you with deep expertise on a wide range of technical issues, including proper migration planning.

A big mistake to avoid is lack of planning for business continuity. While you are migrating to a new service or platform, ask yourself how will it affect your business activity? In the old days, a business would shut down for hours or days while technicians conducted maintenance. These days businesses can still operate at all times by using backup systems, such as cloud storage.

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Certain businesses must archive data a specific way to meet government regulations. All businesses must put a high priority on data protection so that critical data is not lost or destroyed due to company neglect. There’s no reason to lose data in the migration process anymore since an important step in planning is to ensure all data is backed up prior to initiating a migration.

Your IT team will avoid unnecessary downtime by conducting tests throughout the migration process. They will check for important emails getting lost through spam filters. An important part of planning needs to include deciding on how to archive large amounts of email. Some businesses want to maintain all email while others don’t even prioritize important vs. unimportant email.


Working with a well-trained IT support team on Long Island is the key to keeping your business meeting technological challenges such as migration. Contact us here at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about how we can provide solutions for your IT needs so that you can focus more on your business.

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