November 27

How IT Support Providers in Long Island Can Help You Most Securely Store and Protect Your Data

IT support providers in Long Island emphasize data backup and protection from multiple angles. You’ve likely heard of the 3-2-1 rule; that’s three backups on two separate types of media, at least one of which is located off-site. The key there is redundancy of backup solutions. If one fails, there are still data preservation options available. With this kind of strategy in mind, consider the following approaches to data protection:

Cloud Computing Support

IT support providers in Long Island providing backup solutions through the cloud can additionally provide fail-over protection through database mirroring. When it comes to backup, you would do well to familiarize yourself with the term BDR (Backup and Data Recovery). It’s not just storing copies of your data that’s important, it’s getting systems back online after the fact. With cloud computing solutions, you can both store data and “float” your database so that business isn’t lost during an emergency. A managed IT provider in Long Island is integral in helping you get the balance right here.

Regular Maintenance

You can get a million or more miles from a common car if you regularly perform maintenance and replace components as needed. With computers, you can maximize their utility over time through similar upkeep strategy. Exterior solutions can more effectively manage this, helping you get all you can from your hardware.

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Regular Backup

It goes without saying, but it’s worth mentioning: you should always backup your data. If you can backup continuously without impacting operations, that’s worth doing. Cloud computing can facilitate such solutions. Otherwise, whatever the most regular backup frequency you can achieve is recommendable.


Get organized. You’ll need patches, upgrades, maintenance, and backup solutions at intervals. Working with an MSP can help you do this with the least amount of trouble, further freeing up internal techs for core-centered support. When they don’t have to spend their energy putting out small tech fires and maintaining equipment, this allows them to focus on how technology can be put to use, optimizing operational effectiveness. While you can certainly organize internally on your own, you’ll be on the cutting-edge through MSP support.

Protecting Data Comprehensively

An IT support provider in Long Island like Total Technology Solutions can provide solutions in terms of BDR which can be essential to preserve your data. Finding the right managed IT provider in Long Island can protect your data through the cloud, maintenance, backup, and operational organization greater than internal solutions can often manage. Contact us for more information on how to protect that most precious of your resources— your data.

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