November 11

Here’s How IT Support on Long Island Can Help Make BYOD in Your School Successful

BYOD (bring-your-own-device) in schools has its’ substantial benefits and challenges, and IT support providers on Long Island will bring you the best IT solutions you need.

Mobile technology is a potent tool as it has brought a more dynamic learning environment. BYOD is adopted in schools because:

  • It makes learning more personalized by allowing students to use their own devices
  • It lessens the financial burden of schools since there are no direct hardware and maintenance costs
  • It increases student-teacher collaboration and engagement

Despite the countless benefits, significant roadblocks are standing in the way of making BYOD in schools successful. The biggest challenges are security and network connectivity.

To help you overcome these obstacles and capitalize on the full potential of BYOD in your school, IT support providers on Long Island advice on the following:

Security Challenges

Data security is paramount for schools implementing BYOD as they hold a myriad of sensitive data like exam results, personal contact numbers, and medical reports. Mobile devices used by students for learning, such as notebooks, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, are also used for their personal activities which makes them more susceptible to malware.

All these devices connecting to your school network use different software and operating systems, which makes managing them a challenge. Your students need safe and secure access to the internet, and your firewalls applications security must be evaluated. You need a system that manages the behavior of the devices being used to access your school’s network since you can’t control each device separately.

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With a proper network access control (NAC) solution, the security aspects around your BYOD are sorted. NAC security solution enables IT services providers on Long Island to set up a program that regulates who has access to areas of your web. It also controls locality access, the number of devices a student can link to the network, and what kinds of devices are acceptable.

Connectivity and Performance Challenges

More schools continue to adopt the BYOD plan and the number of internet-enabled devices connecting to the school’s network will increase. This degrades the performance of the entire IT network and wireless infrastructure in your school.

Students connect two to three devices simultaneously, which creates more traffic and more bandwidth requirement. You need a robust network infrastructure to handle the massive traffic and a pipeline to carry it.

According to a survey by CoSN, 99% of school districts claim that additional bandwidth and connectivity is needed to support many devices on their network. Your network infrastructure has to be ready for the challenge so as not to interrupt critical services for students.

Do you need IT support providers on Long Island for your school to implement BYOD successfully without any IT hurdles? At Total Technologies Solutions, we can manage your networks and software to create a smooth learning experience in your school. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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