November 20

How IT Support in Long Island Can Help You Avoid the Negative Impact of Poor BDR

Data recovery in Long Island is essential for a variety of reasons, not least of which being malware. There are going to be natural disasters and your team is going to make mistakes— some of the greatest threats you’ll encounter will develop internally, as a matter of fact. IT support in Long Island is essential for businesses that aren’t in a position to run a fully-realized internal IT department.

Backup and data recovery, or BDR, requires planning, testing, continuous upgrades, patches, troubleshooting, and maintenance. It’s a sub-IT system that can salvage your primary network in the event of a collapse. Businesses that do not have such a solution in place will face a number of issues otherwise avoidable, including:

An Exceptionally High Likelihood of Disruptions Causing Downtime

IT support in Long Island can reduce your likelihood of downtime, and without the right kind of BDR, you’re going to experience more. The cost of downtime is approximately $140k per hour now— at the enterprise level. It will certainly differ based on your business’s size. Additionally, 1 in 3 businesses experience downtime monthly and it’s estimated that 90% will experience it. If BDR solutions through the right MSP can cut that in half, it more than pays for itself.

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Increased Risk for Internal Disruption

As noted in the opening of this writing, your greatest security threats are most likely to develop internally. Employee education, best practices enforcement, and regular refreshers pertaining to tech changes are all greatly assisted through MSP solutions.

Malware and tactics such as hacks based on social engineering are pernicious and growing. Cybercrime itself is a multi-trillion-dollar industry. If you don’t have BDR solutions through the right MSP, all the numbers point to your business being impacted. MSPs can help you bounce back, and additionally institute preventative action.

Ineffective Backup in Practice

Here’s something that surprises people: sometimes established backup solutions don’t work as intended, leaving gaps in data. You’ve got to regularly test them. Outsourcing this to an MSP operation will save your business time and hassle while instituting higher levels of stability.

Effectively Safeguarding Operations

IT support in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you more effectively safeguard your business. Additionally, data recovery in Long Island can be competitive. To protect yourself against downtime, internal disruption, and ineffective backup, it’s essential that you get properly qualitative services. Contact us for cutting-edge security solutions designed to safeguard your business.

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