October 15

IT Support in Long Island Can Be Fundamental in Securing BYOD Networks

IT support providers in Long Island can help your business effectively manage bring-your-own-device (BYOD protocols. These reduce operational costs and expand productivity when correctly applied, but that application will require some level of security for effectiveness.

Security Tips for BYOD Infrastructure

IT consultants in Long Island help apprise you of issues many don’t realize exist pertaining to BYOD and help you institute the most optimal solutions immediately–they’ve got tips that can help you. Following, we’ll explore a few you may want to consider:

MDM and MFA as Protection Against Theft

IT support experts in Long Island advise businesses to adopt mobile device management (MDM) and multi-factor authentication (MFA). MDM is just what it sounds like: you can upgrade, deactivate, restrict, or otherwise interface with devices remotely.

Multi-factor authentication is using more than one device to assure someone trying to access your network is who they deign to be, rather than a hacker using pretenses. If an employee’s device is stolen, you can monitor its location or shut it down with MDM and bar it from your network through MFA.

Segmented Access to Your Cloud Network

IT consultants can help you design cloud desktop interface that only allows approved users to either add or remove data from your cloud. This keeps those who have managed to get through MFA and MDM from impacting your cloud.

Effectively Backup Data and Educate Personnel

When all else fails, you’ll need some sort of backup solution that’s continuously updated. An MDM protocol can help assure all devices have data backed up to the cloud automatically. Additionally, continuously educate personnel using BYOD infrastructure to keep them apprised of known threats.

Better BYOD

Working with IT support experts in Long Island is essential in helping you educate personnel, backup data, segment access, and apply things like MDM or MFA for added security. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions for more information.

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