September 2

IT Support on Long Island: Business Survival on the Cloud During the Pandemic

Life has come to a standstill in many ways. There is no telling what will be of business, social life, and economies if the pandemic rages on longer than it has now. Yet in all the uncertainty, the losses, and the disheartening news, cloud computing is thriving.

It shines as a glimmer of hope for continued business operations, multilateral cooperation, and progress in COV-SARS 2 vaccine development. Here are key things to note about cloud computing in the age of the pandemic and the role of IT support on Long Island:

Cloud Solutions Are Now the Lifeline for Business

Before the pandemic struck, the adoption of cloud solutions was an upward curve. The pandemic has doubled the speed of cloud adoption across all businesses. Cloud migration and cost optimization is now a critical part of IT support services needed on Long Island.

Collaboration Solutions Are High In Demand

Even for businesses that have not modernized all workflows, collaboration solutions are top of the mind. Zoom usage, for instance, has jumped 300% since the pandemic started. Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and CISCO Webex Teams are some of the high in-demand solutions right now.

If This Pandemic Struck in the 1930s, the Economy Would Have Sunk Rock Bottom

The cloud is currently the main source of hope. People can work remotely and keep businesses running wherever they are. If it were not for the cloud and better communication technology, the economic repercussions would have been ten times bleaker than the Great Depression.

Cloud Computing Giants Are Participating In The Fight Against the Pandemic

Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft have all joined hands in supporting research on COVID-19 vaccine. Through the High-Performance Computing Consortium, these companies have dedicated resources–including financial, computing, and advanced AI capabilities—in the fight against the pandemic.

Achieving Cloud Security in Remote Working Is Not Easy

Remote working as a possibility first started because of the cloud. But now that entire businesses are being run by distributed teams, IT teams have to grapple with new dilemmas in network management, back up, vulnerability scanning, and compliance.

Managed IT experts on Long Island can help create new policies and security strategies, new training, and an expanded scope of monitoring.

Now Is the Time to Move to the Cloud, But the Process Cannot Be Rushed

It’s clear now for most business owners, ship to the cloud or close shop. The business environment is now laden with risks, high costs, and logistical complexities that not many enterprises can survive.

Moving to the cloud is a wise decision, as you get to take advantage of solutions and services that solve many of your pandemic-related business problems. But the migration or workflow modernization needs to be systematic for business continuity and better cost management.

At Total Technology Solutions, we provide IT support and cloud consulting on Long Island. We can help with workflow modernization, full-scale cloud migration, cloud security, and cloud cost optimization. Contact us now to learn more.

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