July 6

IT Support on Long Island: Business Benefits of Implementing Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is essential for security. Two-factor authentication simply requires a user to verify their identity by entering a time-sensitive code sent to their cellphone or email address. IT support experts on Long Island advise businesses to implement two-factor authentication for all user accounts to offer an added layer of protection. Implementing two-factor authentication only requires a few minutes, and it’s always well worth the effort for businesses.

Here are a few of the main reasons why your business needs to consider using two-factor authentication for each account.

Enhances IT Security

One of the biggest advantages of using two-factor authentication is that it provides your business with much greater security. Hackers can’t simply guess a password to access an account, as they also must verify their identity through a user’s phone or email address. This added layer of security is often the difference in keeping an account secure from these cybercriminals.

Increases Awareness

Another reason to consider two-factor authentication is that it increases awareness of any malicious activity. An employee will know if someone is trying to hack into their user account if they receive an email or text message to verify their identity. They can immediately reach out to an IT support team on Long Island to further investigate the issue to ensure their account remains safe and secure.

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Easier to Reset Passwords

Forgetting a password is an all too common problem for many employees. Constantly reaching out to the IT team to reset a password is a time-consuming and difficult experience. However, two-factor authentication can be used to verify an employee’s identity, which eliminates the need for contacting IT to reset a password.

Protects Your Reputation

A data breach can often happen due to weak passwords of accounts that don’t use multi-factor authentication. These data breaches can result in significant expenses while also causing a lot of damage to your company’s reputation. Taking the additional step of using multi-factor authentication is critical in protecting your business from such a dire scenario.

Cybersecurity will always remain a top concern in the workplace due to the ever-evolving techniques of hackers. Staying one step ahead of these cybercriminals is critical in today’s work environment. Total Technology Solutions offers IT services for a variety of businesses on Long Island. We take pride in always providing top-quality IT support on Long Island, and our team members are always happy to help you with any technical problems. Contact us now and let us help you keep your business safe from all types of cyber threats.

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