October 15

IT Support in Long Island: Avoiding Frequent Errors in Business Continuity Planning

IT support providers in Long Island can give you access to information which helps you avoid incidentally undermining yourself. One area this happens often concerns business continuity. Following are three frequent mistakes businesses make that the right managed services provider (MSP) in Long Island would help you avoid:

1. Insufficient Communications Strategy

IT support providers in Long Island can help you line out the most cost-balanced communication system for emergencies. You’re going to have times when phone lines and internet access may be lost, requiring some third-party system. Email can be good unless there’s no web. You need to be able to communicate internally to clients and to operational facilitators in order to ensure your communication strategy is properly sufficient.

2. Validation That’s Too Intensive

After your network is rebooted, it’s necessary for the tech division to ensure said restoration has been thoroughly realized. When the log reports aren’t comparable except through slow, careful examination, that increases the fallout of downtime. If you’ve got applications for backup that don’t produce any sort of log module, you’re likely making validation too intensive. Find ways of diminishing this; an MSP can help.

3. Overconfident Testing

Oftentimes, after you’ve put together a business continuity strategy and it becomes time to test your solution, tech people will assume everything will work as it should. Accordingly, they test it all at once, and then a multitude of little issues crop up that become overwhelming to address. They may not be properly addressed, as simultaneous development of such errors becomes insurmountable. A better strategy is to test each component of the network individually, and once that’s been done, do a full test of your continuity strategy.

Avoiding Operational Difficulty

At Total Technology Solutions, as an IT support provider in Long Island, we regularly provide business continuity solutions for diverse companies. Contact us now and let us help you avoid tech issues.

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