October 2

IT Support in Long Island: Are You Making These Simple IT Security Mistakes?

A lot of companies put their focus on building firewalls and other barriers to keep hackers out. At the same time, according to experts on IT support Long Island companies trust, they make simple mistakes that leave their systems vulnerable.

Let’s look at some simple security mistakes and how to fix them:

#1 Not Changing Default Security on a New System

Your office gets a new PC. You take it out of the box and turn it on. It has all your programs loaded and you let your employees start working immediately without changing any password or account names. Hackers now have easy access to your network. Change all passwords and set up individual accounts.

#2 Not Updating Operating Systems and Security Programs

Outdated operating systems and security programs leave your servers and PCs vulnerable to hacker attacks, according to IT companies in Long Island. Every system on your network should download security patches automatically. Keep anti-virus software installed and have updates automatically. Add software to block spam and detect spyware.

#3 Not Using Encryption Software

Once hackers get inside your network, it’s fairly easy for them to access and read financial, personnel, customer, and other sensitive data. Encryption software can keep that information safe from hackers, according to the experts on IT support Long Island companies trust. They may gain access, but they can only see gibberish.

Encryption is a requirement for processing payments. For smaller companies, outsourcing to a third-party payment processor is usually the more cost-effective option due to the security requirements.

#4 Not Limiting User Access to Sensitive Information

Access to sensitive data should be locked down to those who need access to do their job. For those working remotely, gaining access to this information should require multiple layers of security including third-party authentication and biometrics.


These simple mistakes can undermine any other security measures you can put in place. To learn more or get assistance securing your network, contact us at Total Technology Solutions today. We are the experts on IT support Long Island companies trust with their security.

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