December 21

IT Support on Long Island: 4 Signs You Have a Weak Password

Hackers are always developing new methods to gain access to user accounts, and taking the time to create a secure password is well worth the effort. Using a password manager is an effective option if you need to remember passcodes for multiple accounts. You will only need to remember the master passcode, and all of this information is protected with encryption. You can also reach out to an IT support provider on Long Island to help you implement a strong password policy and help you manage all your employees’ passwords. As mentioned, passwords are the first line of defense, so it’s essential to create a secure password.

Here are four signs that you have a weak password and what you need to do to make it stronger:

1. You Use the Same Password Multiple Times

Using the same password for numerous accounts is always a major security risk. A hacker only needs to crack one passcode to gain access to all of your accounts. Many times these hackers will sell your personal information on the dark web. Always using a unique password is the best way to avoid this problem.

2. Password Includes Personal Information

Another common mistake is using personal information within a password. Unfortunately, this type of information is readily available on the internet, It’s a good idea to create a combination of words, symbols, and numbers for an effective password. A password manager can also generate a strong password and limit the chance of you becoming the next victim of a hacker.

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3. Your Account Doesn’t Lockout

One way to protect your account from brute force attacks is to ensure it locks out for a specific period of time due to numerous login attempts. An IT support provider on Long Island can help monitor each of your accounts to identify any signs of unusual activity. These proactive services can limit the chance of a successful hack and save your business from suffering a data breach.

4. Password is Too Short

A short password is easy for hackers to guess due to the use of sophisticated programs. Creating a password that’s between 15-20 characters long is the best way to avoid this problem. Changing your password every three to six months is also a good idea to give your account an extra layer of security.

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