January 31

IT Support in Long Island: 4 Benefits of Web Content Filtering

Web content filtering is referred to software that is created to restrict certain websites that a user has access to over the internet. In between conducting research, creating marketing drafts, and analyzing sales data, productive employees can give themselves a quick break to their social media profiles, which is a problem since the company’s bandwidth may be clogged with non-company media files. Also, as your company grows, the liability of a number of security breaches grow. IT support providers in Long Island want to inform you on the usefulness of web content filtering and how it can benefit your company.

1. Stronger Network Security

Any time something can add security strength to your business, it is a massive benefit. Web content filtering adds another layer of security by halting the access to sites that can make your technology vulnerable to security breaches. Not only can content filtering block access to dangerous websites, it can also scan and review web pages and then choose which ones possibly hold threats.

2. Better Employee Productivity

Misuse of a company’s internet can lead to unnecessary distractions that may lower employee productivity. Social media websites are reported as some of the most-visited sites during work hours. This is alarming because it means valuable┬átime is being wasted on non-productive outlets. By implementing web content filtering, you would be restricting these sites so your employees can focus on work during work hours. This, in the end, would create better efficiency and more productivity.

3. Lower Liability

IT support providers in Long Island believe that the benefits of web content filtering go far beyond just efficiency and security. Filtering also helps companies avoid liabilities that may arise from inappropriate or dangerous web content, which is especially important if you are running a small or medium-sized business. Using content filtering allows a company to control the impact that results from posting offensive content, misusing the internet, and illegally using company resources. It also places companies in immediate compliance with laws, thus automatically reducing the liability of any breaches that could expose the business to lawsuits.

4. Lessens the Chance of Data Leakage

Filtering and monitoring what employees can access and share helps enforce company IT policies. Company processes, confidential information, trade secrets, impending releases, and other important company information is always vulnerable to a leak. Web content filtering lessens the access to such information to those who are not supposed to have it. Whether a leak of this information is intentional or not, it is sure to bring damages that can prove to be dangerous for your company. Therefore, content filtering can be seen as vital to your company information.
Web content filtering can be a valuable asset to your company. It has many benefits that can help your business in a number of ways. Using content filtering can surely add another layer of security, increase productivity, lower company liability, and protect important information from leaking. If you would like to learn more about web content filtering from an IT support provider in Long Island, contact Total Technology Solutions.

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