August 10

IT Support on Long Island: 3 Reasons to Consider Using Microsoft Teams

Working from home has become a new reality for countless people, and using Microsoft Teams is an excellent option for many businesses that have embraced the remote work setup. There’s currently over 400 apps and integrations available for Teams through Microsoft AppSource, such as OneNote, Trello, Planner, Karma, and Polly.

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider using Microsoft Teams provided by IT support providers on Long Island.

1. Ease of Use

One of the main advantages of using Microsoft Teams is that it is easy for anyone to use. The desktop and web apps are simple to navigate, and you can also download a mobile app for your smartphone. This added level of flexibility is perfect for anyone working from home. Enabling automatic updates is also a great way to improve security while also giving you access to the latest features as soon as they become available.

2. Cost Savings

Small business owners are always looking for different ways to save money. Choosing to partner with an IT support provider on Long Island is an excellent long-term investment that gives you access to the latest software applications at a fixed cost monthly. Microsoft Teams combines all of the major apps in one location, which makes it much easier for remote employees to work with each other on various projects. Access to the latest tech increases employee productivity and improves your bottom line.

3. Additional Security

Cybersecurity is a top concern in today’s workplace. Cybercriminals are always finding ways to steal data and cause downtime for many businesses. However, enabling multi-factor authentication for Microsoft Teams is a great way to keep each account secure. Long Island IT services experts can help you enforce least-privileged access for an additional level of security. You will have the peace of mind to know that all of your data is safe and secure while your employees are working from home.

Total Technology Solutions offers IT support solutions for businesses on Long Island. Our primary goal is to help businesses take advantage of the latest tech while also giving the best protection against cyber threats. Microsoft Teams makes it easy for remote employees to stay productive at home while also keeping your data safe. We are always available to answer any questions, as we understand the importance of providing around-the-clock IT support. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our IT services and give us a call for a free consultation!

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