June 5

IT Support in Long Island: 10 Signs You Need New Tech

Even the smallest businesses these days can benefit from IT support in Long Island. Whatever the size of your organization, there comes a time when you need to upgrade your technology. Here are 10 signs the time is right you need new tech in your workplace:

1. Underpowered Technology

If your employees are having to sit around while they wait for systems to churn out reports, manufacturing files to be processed, or data to be uploaded, it’s probably time to consider upgrading. In many cases, your human operators are your most valuable and expensive capital. Give them the tools to do their job.

2. Too Much Paper

If your spending time and money shuffling paper around or have big bills for archiving and secure disposal of documents, it may be time to look at digital workflow solutions that can drive a paperless office.

3. Struggling with Growth

As your business succeeds, you may be finding it hard to support continued growth. This is a strong indication that new technology is needed.

4. Losing Your Best Employees

To support growth, you need good workers. If you’re struggling even to retain your quality employees, this might be telling you that your existing technology isn’t up to the job.

5. Many Remote Workers

If a lot of your employees work remotely or a greater percentage of work is being done remotely, it could be time to introduce new technology.

6. Regular Downtime

Systems down again? If you’re on the phone all the time because of a systems outage, this is a strong signal that you need to upgrade your tech.

7. Security Scares

Suffered a cyber attack or keep getting security scares around your technology? You probably want to review your existing technology. It is time for you to have IT support in Long Island.

8. Lack of Technology Cohesion

If you’re having trouble moving data between systems or coping with a wide range of file formats, it’s probably a good idea to invest in some new technology.

9. Poor Productivity

When technology lags in the workplace, productivity can suffer. If you’re not getting the kind of productivity you want or need, upgrading your technology could help.

10, Lack of Consistency

It can be hard to manage growth if your business isn’t stable. If your business performance is inconsistent, this could be caused by outdated technology. Take this as an indicator that you might need to inject fresh technology.
If your business is dealing with some of the problems covered here, your business needs to have IT support in Long Island. At Total Technology Solutions, we can help you upgrade your way out of stifled growth. Contact us now for further details.

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