May 6

IT Support in Long Island: Recovery Plan for Businesses Hit with Ransomware

Ransomware has emerged as a significant threat to operations and profitability. Ransomware attackers will hijack the target’s computers or network and freeze them until a ransom is paid. This ransom is often paid in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Once the ransom is paid, control of the computers is returned. Our IT support team in Long Island provide these steps to develop a recovery plan for ransomware attacks:

Pinpoint Data and Systems Essential to Operations

The first step is to identify systems and data sets most important to operations. Our IT support team in Long Island can help you with the technical aspects. Consider how long your business can operate without specific systems, data sets, etc. Choose the endpoints the business absolutely needs to continue running.

Develop a Ransomware Recovery Strategy to Kick-Start Operations

A thorough recovery plan must be created based on the assumption that one or several systems or data sets that have been encrypted through ransomware and that the ransom is too costly. It is also possible that decryption proves unsuccessful. Use the list of systems/data from the previous step and work backward to determine the recovery time and recovery point objectives that will help you get back to the backup definitions.

Gauge the Extent of the Attack

This part of the ransomware recovery process could take as little as a few minutes or several hours. If endpoint protection is established, it has clearly failed so you won’t have any insight from reporting or alerting. It will likely take a considerable amount of time to determine exactly what went wrong and the extent of the damage.

Perform a Cost Analysis Before Deciding Whether to Pay

Decide what should be recovered in terms of systems, files, data sets, etc. However, the ransomware should not be removed. The more prudent approach is to re-image the machine. Crunch the numbers considering payments. It might make sense to try to recover everything rather than pay the exorbitant ransom.


The final step is the restoration of the operating environment, meaning the systems and data are returned to their status prior to the ransomware infection.

Are you in need of tech assistance? At Total Technology Solutions, our IT support team in Long Island is at your service. Whether you need help with IT consulting in Long Island, network security or anything else tech-related, we can help. Contact us now for more information.

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