June 28

IT Consulting Tips on Long Island: Ways to Improve Your Hotel’s WiFi

The best IT consulting services can help you improve your hotel’s WiFi on Long Island. A powerful WiFi will certainly optimize traffic and increase network connections. Proper internet traffic balancing from WiFi all the way to switch and wireless area network (WAN) is necessary to enhance great WiFi experiences within your hotel premises. Here are steps to take to improve your hotel’s WiFi:

Carry Out a Wireless Network Assessment

To achieve this feat, you need to hire an IT tech team to perform a technical assessment of your entire wireless infrastructure. This assessment will provide solutions to all specific problems of your hotel’s WiFi coverage. It will further help you identify where critical changes on your wireless infrastructure are needed. With efficient managed IT services, your Long Island hotel’s WiFi can be assessed in the following three steps:

Step 1: A review of the current problems with your wireless network.
Step 2: Assessment of your hotel’s WiFi to point out technical deficiencies.
Step 3: Design of a supplemental or new wireless infrastructure that can provide top quality WiFi services.

Customize Your Hotel Environment

Another way to improve WiFi coverage is the customization of your specific hotel environment. This process takes into account the unique setup of your hotel, which can possibly impact the strength of a WiFi signal.

These unique characteristics may include:

• Material composition used in the making of internal and external walls
• Types of internal and external doors
• Types of windows
• Configuration of stairwells and staircases

The above-mentioned features can help you customize WiFi so that the signal can reach different places within your hotel. All you need is to consult with IT consulting experts on Long Island.

Purchase More Network Equipment

After you are done with the assessment of your wireless network, the next solution should be to purchase additional network equipment to boost the WiFi signal. The newly acquired equipment will handle the WiFi dead zones throughout your hotel.

You can combine this option with a new network design of your wireless equipment. Also, you may reuse the existing cabling system to help supplement the network as well as raise its quality levels to meet your guests’ needs. In this case, you should look for a trusted managed IT services provider on Long Island to handle the rest of the task on your behalf. This tech team will help you uncover any potential technical deficiencies, design, and implement a supplemental wireless network infrastructure for your hotel.

With IT consulting services at your disposal, you can boost your hotel’s WiFi on Long Island. Bear in mind that a workable wireless solution will most likely provide your guests with a simple yet secure wireless experience to eliminate their frustrations and complaints. Contact us today at Total Technology Solutions for additional information.

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