February 5

IT Consulting Services on Long Island: Benefits of Moving Your Business to the Cloud

Working with IT consulting experts on Long Island gives your business a competitive edge by shifting it to the cloud. The adoption of cloud computing is escalating as it offers many benefits to businesses of all sizes.

With the increasing number of web-based devices in businesses today, you can connect your business anywhere at any time. Core benefits of moving to the cloud include:


Investing in cloud-based services with the help of IT consulting professionals on Long Island offers your business a high level of flexibility. Cloud computing gives your employees flexibility in their work duties. Employees can work anywhere at any time as they can access data from anywhere.

Allowing workers to work remotely helps you to cut down on the office space they would use, which cuts down costs. This enables employees to be more productive as they can work at any time with no restrictions. Also, data storage in the cloud allows for employees to collaborate more efficiently by sharing files securely.


Working with a managed IT services provider on Long Island helps your business to scale up or down as needed. This is because cloud solutions offer limitless storage space and bandwidth, which is necessary as your company grows. It enables your business to support growth and adjust when your website traffic increases.

The scalability eliminates the need to purchase new hardware, physical infrastructure, and upgrades.

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Increased Data Security

Regardless of the size of your business, the security of your data is very vital. Cybercrimes and data breaches can kill your business and brand positions. Cloud computing offers a variety of cutting-edge security features that safeguards your business data.

Cloud providers comply with set stringent security regulations to protect your company’s data. They have robust firewall technology which detects threats before they reach your systems. Processes like data encryption, authentication, regular system updates, and other added security measures ensure your company’s data is less accessible to hackers.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data loss is a huge concern for all businesses. Loading your business data on the cloud is an assurance that it will always be available. Whether you experience a natural disaster, data in the cloud will always be secure and protected. Data stored in the cloud is mirrored across the servers, and routine backups are carried out. If it is lost, it can instantly be backed up. Being able to access data after a loss guarantees business continuity and minimizes downtime.

Cloud computing increases the revenue and security of your business. At Total Technology Solutions, we provide a wide array of IT consulting services for Long Island businesses, including cloud solutions. We can help your business move to the cloud and reap all the benefits. Contact us now to learn more about our services.

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