November 4

IT Consulting Providers on Long Island Can Help Your Business Identify and Avoid Scams

A Digital Environment of Variable Safety

IT consulting firms on Long Island can help you to become aware of scams throughout social media. There is no social media platform that is immune.

Common Scams to Watch Out For

You might be targeted regardless of online activity. IT support groups on Long Island highly suggest business owners to be cognizant of the following sorts of scams:

  • Giveaways That Aren’t Legitimate
  • Fake Accounts That Pretend to be Real
  • Wild News That Tricks Users Into Downloading Viruses
  • Phishing, Catfishing, and Messages With Sketchy “Links”

Giveaways That Aren’t Legitimate

Tips from IT consulting experts on Long Island include avoiding clicking on links or social media posts that advertise giveaways. It’s hard to imagine a legitimate one. As a general rule, any giveaway is a scam. Develop policies of avoiding interaction with such posts.

Fake Accounts That Pretend to be Real

There are a lot of scammer accounts that pretend to be real. For example, you might post a product, and get a message in terrible English saying things like, “Your product is really cool! Send a message to talk about order!”. Such a message is either a bot or a scam account.

Wild News That Tricks Users Into Downloading Viruses

One scam involves showing an insane piece of “news” with a video link. When you click the link, you incidentally download a computer virus. Be careful about wild news from unknown sources.

Phishing, Catfishing, and Messages With Sketchy “Links”

It’s highly recommended for you to develop policies to avoid phishing scams that request money or information outside operational norms. Catfishing involves a real person pretending to be someone else, and messages with sketchy “links” will often look something like: “I can’t believe what you’re seen doing in this video!”. Avoid all social media posts like these.

Being Aware of Common Scams to Avoid Them

Total Technology Solutions provides IT consulting services on Long Island that can help you avoid scams that involve false giveaways, fake accounts, unbelievable news with attached viruses, phishing, catfishing, messages with “sketchy” links, and more. Contact us today for additional info.

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