January 20

IT Consulting Professionals in Long Island Advise More Than Firewalls for Protection

IT consulting experts in Long Island can do much to help you safeguard your business. A number of minimum security measures in terms of technology are necessary. Firewalls are something you need–but they’re not going to be enough. Technology is always shifting, firewalls wear out, and hackers know how to get around them.

Threats Businesses Large and Small Face Commonly

IT consulting solutions providers in Long Island regularly maintain cutting-edge solutions as a means of providing customers the best possible information from which to inform their technology management strategy. Part of that familiarity involves maintaining awareness of common cybersecurity threats. For example, the right managed services provider (MSP) in Long Island will provide you solutions to protect data from the following:

  • Malware that’s customized
  • Continuously developing cybecrime
  • Social engineering and firewall workarounds

Malware That’s Customized

IT service providers provide security options against customized computer viruses. You’ve heard of “as-a-service” solutions through the cloud? Well, black hat technology mirrors white hat technology in terms of economic impact. That means there are “as-a-service” companies which will design malware to order for their customers. So, there are common viruses which may specifically be designed to impact your business, corporation, or industry. A firewall may be little protection against that.

Continuously Developing Cybecrime

IT professionals can help you determine which developments may most impact your business and whether there are any specific threats that can push past your firewall. Here’s the thing: since black hat tech mirrors white hat tech, the goalposts of security are in constant motion. MSPs help you keep firewalls, antivirus software, and other security measures up-to-date.

Social Engineering and Firewall Workarounds

Firewall workarounds were alluded to earlier. One of the biggest is called social engineering, which incorporates common human weaknesses to sidestep security. Training staff against common threats and putting together backup and data recovery (BDR) protocols are fundamental.

More Sustainable, All-Around Protection

At Total Technology Solutions, our IT consulting experts in Long Island can help you protect your operation against social engineering and other firewall workarounds, continuously developing cybercrime, and customized malware. Contact us for more information on these and other key security measures for your business.

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