December 8

IT Consulting on Long Island: Zoom Privacy and Security Tips

Working with IT consulting experts on Long Island can help you minimize security risks associated with zoom and other online communication platforms. The COVID-19 pandemic brought along several changes. Social isolation and lockdown measures instituted to minimize infections forced businesses to adopt new operational strategies, with more companies instituting the work from home model.

This led to a resultant increase in the use of collaboration tools and platforms, specifically Zoom, for better productivity and reliability in communications. However, like other online platforms, Zoom presents its fair share of security challenges. That said, consider the following tips to secure your meetings when using this platform.

Protect Your Zoom Account

Zoom accounts are just like any other accounts with personal profiles. The most basic way of avoiding infiltration is by having complex passwords. It would be best if you also take advantage of the two-factor authentication, making it more challenging for cybercriminals to hack. You should also avoid sharing your personal meeting ID.

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Use Unique Meeting IDs and Password

Hackers primarily target to infiltrate scheduled meetings on the platform. Therefore, besides protecting your account with a unique password, another simple way to prevent hijacking and unwanted attendants is setting a unique meeting ID and passwords. Fortunately, you can set passwords for individual meetings, groups, and at an account level.

While setting passwords is essential, it may not be practical if you intend to host public events. In such situations, IT consulting experts on Long Island recommend that you avoid sharing your conference links through social media. However, if you have to share to attract more attendees, don’t use your personal meeting ID.

Use Virtual Waiting Room

Security experts recommend the use of virtual Zoom waiting rooms when scheduling important Zoom meetings. If you haven’t used this before, virtual waiting rooms allow you to confirm everyone before giving them access to the meeting. With this, you can either admit them into the meeting or decline their request.

By activating the virtual waiting room, every participant looking to join the meeting through the shared link will be asked to wait for admission. You will then receive a notification informing you that someone in the waiting room wants to access the meeting. Approving everyone might be a tedious process, especially for meetings with large attendance, but it eliminates privacy risks during meetings.

Ensuring maximum safety when working remotely is of utmost importance. If you prefer Zoom for your virtual meetings, work with IT consulting professionals on Long Island to mitigate security and privacy risks. At Total Technology Solutions, we provide managed IT services for individuals and businesses on Long Island. Contact us now to know more about our services.

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