February 23

IT Consulting on Long Island: Why You Need to Be Concerned About Data Privacy

Consumers want to trust you with their data. They want to believe that you will protect and use it rightfully—expectations that IT consulting experts on Long Island can help you fulfill. Let’s face it: if you were not a business owner but a consumer—would you not save passwords on a website or use public Wi-Fi?

Data Privacy Is a Human Right

Data privacy as a fundamental human right derives from the Right to Privacy espoused in article 12 of the Universal Human Rights Declarations.

Data by KPMG shows that 86% of consumers view data privacy as a critical concern. However, only 70% are slightly familiar with how businesses collect and use their personal data. The biggest concern that consumers have is the theft of social security numbers and theft of banking information.

Consumers Do the Barest Minimum in Protecting Their Data

Even though the general public is concerned about data privacy, old habits die hard. According to a survey by Specops Software, just like old times, consumers are saving their passwords online. They are using one password for all accounts, including social media, Netflix, and banks—heaven helps us!

Consumers are aware of the risks of public WiFi, but they use the connections. They are concerned about credit card information theft, but they still fail to change passwords at the end of the month. What does this mean for businesses?

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1. Don’t mistake laziness for lack of care

The moment you slip up and risk consumers’ data, that would be the day that you would lose your customers.

Of course, the loss of nearly half of your customers will be just one of the problems you face. When a data breach scandal hits the news, investors will be on your neck, lawyers will be on your back, and journalists will be shredding your public image. You may never recover.

This shows that the job of protecting consumer data rests with you as a business owner. IT consulting experts on Long Island advise that it should be a goal in your business strategy, much like profitability.

2. Don’t Take and Give Nothing in Return

Consumers give up their data readily, expecting not only that you will safeguard it but that you will also use it to personalize their experiences. A study by Salesforce shows that 63% of millennials will happily hand over their data to you if it helps you create a personalized experience for them.

How do you give back? Do you have transparency in the way that you use that data? If you are going to secure and benefit from this data, you need to create and implement a data governance framework. This is something that managed IT services experts on Long Island can help you with.

Trust Total Technology Solutions for your data privacy or protection needs. We have expert teams in cybersecurity and managed IT support services to maximize data security and business value from your data. For more information, contact our IT consulting team on Long Island!

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