January 6

IT Consulting on Long Island: Why You Need to be Proactive About Windows 7 EOL

IT consulting experts on Long Island emphasize the importance of doing software upgrades. With the announcement of Windows 7 end of life, come January 14, 2020, you should make changes in your IT infrastructure. Failure to upgrade will leave your PC unprotected and vulnerable. The number of Windows machines running on Windows 7 is projected to drop to 14 %, while those running on Windows 10 to rise to 86.4%.

Here are the reasons why you should move from Windows 7:

To Protect Your Network Against a Ransomware Attack

Windows 7 end of life means Microsoft will stop issuing your PC patches, making it susceptible to bugs and ransomware attacks. Attacks cost businesses in the US an average of $500 to $2000 in ransom. An operating system upgrade will include patches that fix security holes in your PC. This way, you can keep hackers away from your network, saving your business from costly ransomware attacks.

To Avoid Downtime

The annual cost of IT downtime in businesses is over $1.55 million. Malware attacks, application errors, and power outages are the leading causes of IT downtime. Not only does an old OS increase vulnerability to bugs and attacks, but it also weighs down your systems’ capabilities. System failures and the frequency and duration of downtimes also increase. Upgrading your operating system to Windows 10, with the help of managed IT services providers on Long Island, can enhance your network’s security and boost the performance of your PC.

To Protect Your Relationship with Business Associates

Working with IT consulting experts on Long Island to upgrade your PC’s operating system can save your business from potential reputation damage. If your system is infected with bugs, viruses will likely spread to your business partners and clients. Outdated software makes it easy for attackers to access your data for malicious motives.

This makes your business unreliable in the eyes of your associates and could attract data protection lawsuits and fines. Upgrade your operating system to protect the reputation and continuity of your business.

To Maintain High Productivity Levels

Product obsolesce weighs down productivity. By using Windows 7, you can miss out on support and security patches. System failures minus support from Microsoft increases the prevalence of downtimes, the duration, and diminish the overall performance of your staff. Working with software that is compatible with the current OS requirements can boost productivity.

As extended support for Windows 7 gets withdrawn, work with IT consulting experts on Long Island to change to Windows 10. That way, you can get security patches to protect your network from hackers. At Total Technology Solutions, we offer software upgrade services that can protect your system from vulnerabilities and enhance their performance. Contact us for more information.

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