November 13

IT Consulting in Long Island: Which Access Management Solution Best Fits Your Business?

IT consulting in Long Island will likely advise one of two identity access management paradigms: cloud solutions or on-premises management solutions. Both have advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation.

Cloud Identity Access Management and On-Premise

Cloud identity access management uses remote management to make the associated service turnkey. On-premise management is doing the job internally using your own on-site resources. For Los Angeles IT support experts to make the best advisement, you’ll need to know your own operational parameters. Following, we’ll briefly explore some of the positives either approach offers to help give you a clearer picture.

Cloud Identity Access Management Positives

IT consulting firms in Long Island advise cloud identity access management as a cost-effective solution that’s built with flexibility in mind. Here are its primary advantages:

  • As-a-service management, scalability, extensibility
  • High levels of activity support, diverse centralized integration
  • Anywhere access on and off-premise, higher compliance levels

Identity access naturally grows with your company, and this is designed for exceptionally large businesses to use securely. Everything becomes essentially centralized even across diverse departments, access is available wherever secure connections are, and compliance is higher than on-premise solutions generally.

On-Premises Access Management Positives

IT support experts in Long Island may advise on-premises access management depending on the size of your business, and your distinct needs. Its advantages include:

  • Greater levels of privacy
  • No middleman between you and access management
  • Operational ability regardless of external access to any network

You can’t get more private than in-house. Also, when you need to change access or let someone in, you can do it more simply without the infrastructure around an external party. Lastly, if external networks are lost, access management isn’t.

Making the Most Appropriate Choice

IT consulting in Los Angeles through Total Technology Solutions may advise either solution for your business depending on your needs. You could even have a hybrid approach depending on specific access requirements. Contact us for more information to help you make the most informed security choice.

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