July 10

IT Consulting in Long Island: Understanding IT Terminologies (D-O)

Every aspect of life today is incomplete without the incorporation of information technology and IT consulting services in Long Island. IT is crucial in communication, education, businesses, and almost any other field that you can well think of. This begs the question as to whether we really understand all the IT terminologies whenever they are mentioned. Do not be in the dark anymore as this article seeks to give you the meanings of some of the commonly used terminologies in IT. Looks at the definitions below:

Dark Web

The dark web is an entity of the World Wide Web, which requires a special software or browser-like tool to access it. Due to its user anonymity, the dark web is known to hold anonymous message boards, exchange for stolen data, and an online market for drugs and firearms. Transactions are done through the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Though sometimes whistleblowers use the dark web to communicate, it is mostly used by pedophile groups, criminals, and terrorists who wish to keep their dealings secret.

Deep Web

The deep web includes those pages that do not pop up whenever you run a Google search, meaning that they are not indexed by Google bots. Examples include email programs, educational sites and company intranet.

Hybrid Cloud

This is a cloud-computing structure that offers both on-premises private cloud and third-party public cloud services to perform different functions within an organization. It gives businesses greater flexibility, reduced, and more data deployment options.

IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is a combination of all composite software, hardware, servers, network resources, and services required for the existence, management, and operation of an IT environment. IT consulting services in Long Island can fall into IT infrastructure.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence (AI), which gives the computer system the ability to learn automatically and improve from experience without necessarily being explicitly programmed.


Malware or malicious software is software written with the intention of harming data, devices, or users. Malware includes worms, computer viruses, spyware, and Trojan horses. These programs can perform many functions such as stealing, deleting or encrypting sensitive data as well as hijacking core functions of computing.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

An MSP is an IT service company that gives a range of IT services and specialized applications to businesses or end users. The IT company manages the client’s computer and network resources. Managed service providers are usually paid on a monthly subscription. They are always available to address and resolve all issues that the client faces as agreed on the service-level agreement.


In terms of IT, outsourcing is hiring another company to handle your business’s IT, communications, servers, computers, and all aspects of networking. Internal personnel are relieved off the duties that are outsourced from outside.
The IT world has introduced a wide array of terminologies, and it is advisable to be familiar with them. You can do so with the help of an IT consulting company in Long Island. If you wish to learn more or get more insight into IT and its terminologies, contact us at Total Technology Solutions. Our experts are always ready to offer any assistance needed to better your knowledge of Information technology.
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