September 16

IT Consulting on Long Island: Top Seven Need-To-Know Truths About the Cloud

By now, you must have heard a lot of talk about “the cloud” — and no, this cloud is not the one you see above on the sky. Far from it, the cloud is purely a technological term and it’s often used instead of “cloud computing.” If you are among those who have been confused in the past in matters cloud computing, you do not need to be confused anymore. In this article, our IT consulting experts on Long Island explain the need-to-know facts about the cloud.

Truth #1: The Cloud is Literally Everywhere

Similar to the metrological cloud, the computer cloud is literally everywhere— provided there are computers and internet connection.

Truth #2: The Cloud is Owned by No One

Contrary to popular belief, no one owns the cloud. Similar to the internet, the cloud is run by multiple devices and applications owned and ran by individuals.

Truth #3: The Cloud is Very Powerful

Yes, the cloud is very powerful. Therefore, it is important for firms such as yours to partner with IT consulting experts on Long Island who will help your firm to take full advantage of this resource.

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Truth #4: There Are Many Applications Powered by the Cloud

There are many apps that are powered by the cloud. Cloud file sharing and data backup are some of the functions that the cloud handles very well. Firms can easily share their resources over the cloud and backup their files to ensure that they are cushioned in the event they lose their physical backups.

Truth #5: The Cloud is Connected

This is self-explanatory— computers and connected devices connect directly to the internet and to each other making up the cloud.

Truth #6: The Cloud is Basically Free

There are many cloud applications that are free, but you will need the internet to access these services. You might be charged some fee by your internet service provider. However, there are some services that are subscription-based and these attract some fees.

Truth #7: The Cloud is Secure

Lastly but most importantly, the cloud is very secure. Most of the cloud app providers use encryptions which further make the cloud very secure for users.

A Parting Shot

Considering the truths about the cloud shared above, don’t you think it is about time you too join the bandwagon and take advantage of this awesome resource? If wondering where to start, wonder no more. At Total Technology Solutions, we are the leading IT consulting firm on Long Island. We will be happy to walk you through the whole process. Contact us today to learn more about our managed services for Long Island businesses.

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