January 4

IT Consulting on Long Island: Top Higher Education Cybersecurity Challenges

A seemingly never-ending cyber war chews up a lot of time for chief information security officers, business owners, and tech specialists. However, it is not only the corporate sector that is at risk in the cyber war between good and bad. IT leaders in higher education are adamant that information security is their top issue. Universities are engaged in a costly battle to add the latest tools and pivot to new strategies to ward off the latest cyber threats. Cyber miscreants will pilfer data, snoop on employees, steal identities and sell your valuable information on the black market. Here’s a quick look at the top challenges faced by IT employees in higher education as detailed by our IT consulting team on Long Island:

Unsecured Personal Devices

Everyone on campus, from professors to students and administrators, desires to use personal devices while learning, teaching, and working. However, allowing these parties to bring their personal devices to campus will prove risky as it is nearly impossible to ensure each device is secure.


The average higher education employee is not exactly a tech savant. Though some such employees and students are aware of phishing, many are not. It is awfully easy (and common) for someone to click a shady link or download damaging attachments from emails and end up with a virus. IT leaders in higher education institutions are tasked with teaching others about phishing and its many risks. Our IT consulting team on Long Island can help train IT employees in higher education on phishing, malware, ransomware, etc.

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Security Tech Planning for the Future

It is challenging for IT personnel and other higher education personnel to constantly update their cybersecurity defenses. The cybersecurity industry is constantly evolving along with malevolent hackers. The fact that most institutions of higher education have a limited budget makes this problem that much more difficult. Don’t pay through the nose for in-house IT support when a professional Long Island IT support provider is a call away.

The Challenge of Access and Identity

Universities, colleges, and other institutions of higher education find it difficult to establish foolproof systems that determine who is provided access to specific applications and the access level for each user.

Educating Users

Professors, students, and administrators are busy people. Some faculty members work 60+ hours a week. Cybersecurity training and awareness is difficult to implement if there is little time to train personnel on the latest threats.

So, if you are working in higher education and you need assistance with cybersecurity or IT in general, our IT consulting team on Long Island is ready to solve your tech problems. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions for more information.

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