October 26

IT Consulting on Long Island: The Appropriate Time to Conduct a Penetration Test

Chances are you have heard about penetration tests yet you might not know what these tests are really all about. Furthermore, you might not know the appropriate frequency for such a test. Fret not, our IT consulting team on Long Island is here to clarify any confusion you might have about penetration testing and perform the work on your behalf at the appropriate time intervals.

The Inside Scoop on Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a simulation of potential web-based attacks. The simulation is conducted by penetration testers who intend no harm. This testing is conducted to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities in networks and take proactive action. Corrections are made to bolster security and prevent potentially devastating damage.

It helps to let managed IT services experts on Long Island conduct the test as they can provide an in-depth report on how strong your network is. This report includes a section pertaining to the testing summary and another that identifies the vulnerabilities by detailing the severity of their potential impact if mitigation is not performed in a timely manner. A poorly conducted test has the potential to leave your business exposed to nasty attacks. This is precisely why you should only rely on the best IT consulting team on Long Island for your penetration testing.

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When Should Penetration Testing Be Performed?

The typical business owner is understandably unaware of how frequently penetration testing should be conducted. The optimal times to conduct penetration testing are prior to an application, network, or system’s deployment. It also makes sense to perform this test prior to the system’s involvement in the production process goes live. Furthermore, the system should not be in the process of constant change when testing occurs.

Pre-deployment penetration testing is often overlooked as companies are zeroed in on the potential return of their investment. When an application or system is new, there is an increased likelihood that loopholes within the security layer will be present and can be identified with penetration testing. If penetration testing is not conducted, the issues will prove difficult to identify and address, setting the stage for an intrusion.

Do not wait until a digital breach occurs before conducting your penetration test. The frequency of penetration testing hinges on your company’s size. If you have expanded to online business, you will prove that much more vulnerable to web-based attacks. The larger your presence on the web, the more frequent you should do a penetration test. Furthermore, your industry’s unique regulations and compliance rules likely mandate a specific penetration testing frequency.

Total Technology Solutions Can Help!

When was the last time you conducted a penetration test? If you have not conducted a penetration test at all or have not conducted one in the past six months, it is time to take action. Our IT consulting team on Long Island team is here to help. Contact us now to get started and for more information.

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