May 12

IT Consulting on Long Island: Technology Requirements of Working from Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In just a few short months, the entire world has been plunged into a health pandemic. COVID-19 is a contagious flu-like disease, and curbing its spread has involved a raft of difficult yet necessary measures. All over the country and the entire world, many businesses have had to make the shift to allow employees who can work from home to do so. For some companies, the infrastructure and know-how were already in place. In other firms, learning has been on the go, possibly with the aid of IT consulting experts on Long Island.

Technology and Security in the Work from Home Business Environment

All of a sudden, the conference room and offices of many companies are now the dining rooms, bedrooms, and home offices of their employees. Tech companies and others that are run mostly online are likely to have a workforce that knows how to work from home, use technology tools, and operate under different conditions. The services of managed IT services providers on Long Island could be especially beneficial at this time. The next sections cover some of the technology needs of a business shifting some of its workforce online. These include software and devices, internet access, and security.

Each employee required to work from home must have a few basics to do their job effectively. They need a computer and reliable internet access. Depending on the company, employees may be allowed to use their own devices, or, if they already have company-issued laptops, to make use of those. Software programs they typically use at the work office are all needed, in addition to some remote collaboration and conference calling platform. There are many popular options at the moment, and many of these are free.

In the IT consulting on Long Island space, one of the most common services businesses require is IT security. There are so many threats to a company’s data, backups, emails, and devices. A work from home policy is required to ensure that security protocols are in place. With this comes employee training on how to recognize suspicious emails and potential scams, among other things. Password and access management are also essential parts of making sure that no unauthorized person gets access to the company network.

Total Technology Solutions is a local leader in IT consulting on Long Island with experience helping businesses manage their IT systems. To find out more about what your company needs for an effective work from home policy, get in touch with us!

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