April 6

IT Consulting in Long Island: Reducing the Risk of Data Loss

If you’re looking to prevent data loss or gain a better understanding of the issue, IT consulting in Long Island represents a key research avenue. Here’s the reality: globally, 3 out of 10 businesses will experience some data loss at least once every two years.

That loss could be minor or it could be major; but regardless of direct impact, reputation diminishment will develop as the data loss becomes public knowledge, and that will definitely reduce profitability.

Reducing Data Loss

There are multiple tactics to cutting your losses pertaining to data; preventative strategy is wisest. Managed services providers (MSPs) in Long Island recommend a few distinct tactics to help you keep from being impacted, these include:

Backup and Disaster Recovery Design

IT consulting solutions providers in Long Island facilitate backup and disaster recovery (BDR) that is reliable. It’s essential to have at least three backup solutions. Keep two backup options on-site, put one at a location that isn’t central so you’ve got data security even if your main site is hit. Encryption coming and going must be applied for data security.

Monitoring and Support

Monitoring of operations and 24/7 support are essential when hackers are stealing your data. Anomalous activity can be immediately identified and the proper people in your business notified. If this activity isn’t authorized, it can be stopped before too much data is lost.

Familiarity with Compliance, Patch Updates

IT consulting professionals can help you maintain cognizance of current data loss laws pertaining to legal notification procedures, and associated costs should compliance not be met. Patch updates in terms of firewalls and antivirus updates are also key in protecting data continuously. New means of theft develop regularly.

Reducing or Avoiding Data Loss

Our IT consulting team in Long Island can help you facilitate patch updates, compliance familiarity, monitoring, support, and BDR options for your business. To learn more about common methods of securing your business from data loss, get in touch with Total Technology Solutions.

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