March 7

How IT Consulting on Long Island Protects Networks

One of the most protective moves an IT consulting team on Long Island can make for a client is network penetration testing. This process involves a thorough analysis of a company’s infrastructure to detect vulnerabilities in hardware or software. Here’s a deeper look at network penetration testing and how it helps lower risks of cyberattacks:

What Is Penetration Testing?

Your IT consulting team on Long Island will conduct penetration testing that includes handing a simulated attack. The purpose of this test is to learn how to deal with real-world scenarios. Technicians will identify security flaws, assess the level of risk your company faces and help restore the network to an optimal condition.

The process of penetration testing involves the phases of intelligence gathering, threat modeling, vulnerability analysis, exploitation and reporting. Intelligence gathering involves collecting data about the network. Threat modeling is a step that involves identifying vulnerabilities within systems using both automation and manual labor. IT technicians classify documents based on sensitivity at this stage.

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Vulnerability analysis involves listing vulnerabilities and suspicious activity. A plan for further analysis is developed at this stage. The exploitation phase is what sets a penetration test apart from a vulnerability assessment. Carrying out an actual attack reveals the health of the system and how your IT support team will respond. The reporting phase is designed to deliver all the important evidence related to the test so that you can decide how to make your network stronger against attacks.

Preparing for an Attack

The most important role that a Long Island IT support team can play for a business is its last line of defense against hackers. A network penetration test will help technicians see your network from a hacker perspective so that they can set up stronger security and data protection methods.

The entire process of the network penetration test takes anywhere from a week to a month, depending on network complexity. Testing usually follows globally accepted approaches set by the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES). Ultimately, IT officials create a report that documents your network’s vulnerabilities and how they can be fixed.


Every business can benefit from working with an IT consulting team on Long Island that understands how to conduct network penetration testing. This type of testing will give you valuable information on what your company needs to do to defend itself from cybercriminals. Contact us here at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about how to make your network safer and more productive.

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