November 19

IT Consulting on Long Island: The Merits and Drawbacks of Virtualization

Virtualization is becoming that much more important for businesses of all varieties as time progresses. If your business has limited capital, virtualization will help you stick to your budget as you won’t have to spend an egregious amount of money on hardware. Furthermore, generating virtual spaces for work also makes it easier for businesses that have few IT employees. Virtualization also empowers employees to access data at any location and time from a litany of devices. However, there are some negatives to virtualized environments as detailed below by our IT consulting team on Long Island.

Con: Some Hardware and Software Cannot be Virtualized

Certain applications and servers cannot be virtualized. The primary reason why you cannot virtualize an application or server is the application vendor might not yet support or recommend it. If you have any questions about which servers/applications can be virtualized, reach out to our managed services team on Long Island for assistance.

Pro: Virtualization is Scalable

Virtualization is remarkably scalable, empowering businesses to form additional resources as mandated by numerous applications. It is quite easy to add more servers. This is performed in an on-demand manner as necessary, so the business does not have to spend an egregious sum of money or invest a considerable amount of time. Those who work in IT can generate new servers without delay as there is no need to buy new hardware every single time a new server is necessary. The ease of generating additional resources makes it that much easier for businesses to scale while expanding. If your business is rapidly growing or if your business is using a data center for testing/development, you will obtain considerable benefit from virtualization.

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Con: Considerable Upfront Costs

Businesses moving legacy systems to virtualized systems will find the upfront costs are fairly costly. It might be necessary to spend $10,000 or more for servers as well as software licenses. Thankfully, as virtualization becomes that much more common, the costs will gradually decline.

Pro: Lower IT Costs

Virtualization makes it easier for businesses to decrease costs in a variety of ways. The virtualization of servers decreases the management of boring and time-consuming duties through the automation of operations, effectively reducing operational expenses. IT costs are also reduced in that less hardware servers and other resources are necessary for the desired computing performance. Finally, reducing the amount of hardware and server footprint decreases energy consumption as well as the square footage necessary in data centers, ultimately reducing costs that much more. When in doubt, rely on our IT consulting team on Long Island for assistance in reducing your tech costs.

We are at Your Service

It is clear virtualization has its fair share of pros and cons. If you are interested in this technology, contact our IT consulting team on Long Island at Total Technology Solutions for more information.

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