December 27

IT Consulting on Long Island: A Look at RTO and RPO in Disaster Recovery Planning

The acronyms of RTO and RPO are short for recovery time objective and recovery point objective, respectively. These objectives are important in the context of disaster recovery plans. RPO is centered on the level of data an organization can lose without suffering irreparable damage, ultimately determining the amount of time in between backups that is considered tolerable. RTO is a gauge of downtime application toleration without causing meaningful harm to the company. Below, our IT consulting team on Long Island details the importance of these objectives.

Why RTO and RPO Matter

In the context of IT consulting on Long Island, both RTO and RPO are helpful for determining a business’ readiness to endure a disaster and bounce back. Though setting a comparably low RPO and RTO might be tempting, doing so is not always cost-efficient, especially for small businesses. Simply put, small businesses cannot withstand a lengthy period of service unavailability or the significant loss of data. Our managed IT services team on Long Island is here to help ensure your business has an RPO and RTO of the proper lengths.

Ideally, RPOs will be 10 minutes or less. RTOs should be an hour or shorter. However, if your business is small or if you are launching a startup, these lengths of time might not be sufficient. It is quite possible that several hours of downtime will stunt a small business or startup’s progress to the point that it makes it difficult to continue operating thereafter. This is precisely why every business should understand the merit of a disaster recovery plan created by IT providers.

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Zero RPO and RTO are the Objective yet not Always Possible

Ideally, your business will not experience any downtime at all. However, completely eliminating the prospect of downtime is simply not possible, meaning you need a disaster recovery plan. Our team is here to help you establish RPO and RTO goals designed for your business and attain those goals. The disaster recovery strategy we develop for your business will achieve the delicate balance between managing resources and establishing realistic RTOs and RPOs.

How to Minimize RPO and RTO

Though achieving zero RPO and RTO might not be within the realm of possibility for every business, it is possible to greatly reduce them. Reaching zero RPO and RTO mandates synchronous mirroring, meaning it will be necessary to write data to secondary storage as well as main storage. If there is an outage, our team will help your company’s processes segue to the secondary storage.

Total Technology Solutions is on Your Side

Disaster recovery planning is one of our team’s specialties. If your business does not have a disaster recovery plan in place, reach out to us at 888-777-8093 to start the process. We also provide a wide array of other tech services under the umbrella of IT consulting on Long Island. If you prefer to reach us on the web, complete our contact form and we will be in touch at our earliest convenience.

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