November 15

IT Consulting in Long Island: The Importance of Patching

IT consulting in Long Island is essential to SMBs and larger corporations in terms of maintaining a balance between cutting-edge technological autonomy and associated costs. Most operations end up with a hybrid of internal and external tech support for a number of reasons.

While it does make sense to have internal employees dedicated to the management of resources, it also makes sense to partner with a business which has a funded prerogative toward the latest developments in your purview. Especially in terms of security, they can help your business adopt solutions which may save millions of dollars through something as simple as a patch.

Equifax and WannaCry

Equifax was two months late on a patch in 2017 and ended up compromising 150+ million clients. Also that year, the WannaCry worm was unleashed on the world from North Korea.

The worm invaded businesses through an NSA-designed backdoor which allowed involuntary entry via Server Message Block ports. A simple patch closed that backdoor, and companies that incorporated it were preserved, those that did not suffered a substantial blow.

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Implementing Patches

IT consulting experts in Long Island can help you most effectively avoid being undermined through poor patching practices. Several things tech experts will do include:

  • Top-down prioritization of patch management
  • Keeping prescient inventory tabs to know your needs
  • Testing of applied patches to ensure operations aren’t hindered
  • Managing patch protocols across operations
  • Documentation of patching/testing and where/when patches installed

Implications of Tech Operation in Transitioning Environments

Now realistically, there’s no solution available which can totally secure any operation; even from the most enabled tech solution on the planet. You can approach 100% security, but it will never be attained in an imperfect world peopled by imperfect beings.

However, there are ways to increase the percentage of security coverage you have. Internal patching is key, but there is the possibility you’ll make the mistake of Equifax owing to one reason or another and end up negatively impacting your operation.

When you outsource to a tech agency, you’re incorporating the services of an organization which must provide increasingly contemporary tech and security solutions for reasons of competitive viability. The point is, they’ve got external forces organically propelling them into positions of greater technical prominence than internal solutions can achieve.

Balanced Security Solutions

IT consulting experts in Long Island can help your business, large or small, strike the most appropriate balance between internal and external patching solutions. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions for more information on how to best safeguard your business against increasingly diverse security issues.

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