July 16

IT Consulting in Long Island: How Well Do You Understand These IT Terminologies? (S-Z)

Over the years, IT consulting services in Long Island have expanded as the demand for proper IT in businesses keep growing. New IT concepts are always being invented and each business is trying to maintain a competitive edge by embracing information technology. However, business leaders and employees must understand the terminologies in IT before understanding how their implementation will influence business. Here are some of the influential IT terms and their meanings:


Scalability is the attribute or the ability of a network, process, software, or business to expand and manage increased demand. This means that a scalable software, system, or business can easily adapt to the changing demands of its clients or users. A company with the flexibility to scale up or down is considered scalable.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A service level agreement, or SLA, is a contract or agreement between a service provider and its external or internal customers, which clearly lays out the services that the provider will offer and the performance standards to be met. It must have signatures from the management side of both the parties involved.

Software Bug

A software bug is a defect that produces unintended output or causes a program to crash. The problem is usually due to erroneous or insufficient logic. Removal of the error to achieve the desired output is known as debugging


Virtualization is the creation of a virtual or software-based representation of something like servers, virtual applications, networks, and storage. It is an effective way of cutting down costs, increasing scalability, and boosting agility and efficiency. With virtualization, IT is easy and less costly to manage. You can always scale up or down, and you only need to pay for the equipment and services that you need. An IT consulting firm in Long Island can readily help your business to achieve virtualization.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

A VPN is an encrypted connection on the internet from a device to a designated network. Encryption ensures safe transmission of sensitive data.

Zero-Day Threat

A zero-day threat is an attack that takes advantage of unknown computer security vulnerability. The first time of the exploit, also known as Zeroth usually happens before or on the first time that the developer becomes aware of the bug or exploit. There is no known fix for the bug because the developers are unaware of the existence of such a threat. The creators of these attacks are hackers whose aim is simply to outsmart developers.
IT consulting services in Long Island will continue evolving, thus the need to understand IT terms comprehensively. To learn more about IT, contact us at Total Technology Solutions today.
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