December 10

IT Consulting in Long Island: How to Secure Your Mobile Devices from IT Threats

Security Requires a Proactive Approach

IT consulting experts in Long Island advise businesses large and small as regards the importance of up-to-date IT security. Comprehensive market shifts come every couple of years in tech, and if you’re going to keep operational vulnerabilities from defining your business, you need to respect this reality.

Protective Measures

A managed services provider (MSP) in Long Island can help you institute protective measures that have a proactive quality. These help your business stay secure even as new IT threats develop. A few measures you should consider in this regard include:

Keep Apps Up To Date, Avoid Third-Party Options, and Remove Old Apps

IT consulting professionals in Long Island suggest that you should avoid using third-party apps. These often act as vectors for Trojan viruses which hide in third-party app codes and launch when hackers want them to. Avoid those apps, remove older apps that may have been cracked by hackers, and assure primary applications are always up-to-date. Because we need apps with our devices, these represent common avenues through which cybercriminals either attain unauthorized access or steal assets.

Only Grant Permissions to Authorized Parties

Permissions for access to varying areas of the network must only be granted to vetted parties. Carefully manage permissions, and don’t be afraid to seek MSP assistance to most effectively establish such protocols.

Avoid Unsecured WiFi and Use MFA

IT professionals strongly advise the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) or MFA. This uses multiple points of contact to verify the identity of someone logging onto your network. MFA protocols can be matched to your business’s needs, and have a strong history of effectively protecting diverse operations.

The Right IT Security Measures Enable More Reliable IT Operation

IT consulting might just be exactly what your Long Island business needs for operational security. You can most effectively manage app usage, assure proper permissions go to the right people, avoid questionable WiFi, and institute MFA which fits your business like a glove. To learn more, contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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