July 3

IT Consulting in Long Island: Here’s What Should Be on Your Online Security Checklist

The online landscape is laden with all sorts of threats. Unfortunately, plenty of businesses are unaware of whether they are properly protected. Our IT consulting team in Long Island is at your service to ensure you have all the right defenses against online evildoers.

Here’s a look at what should be on your online security checklist:

Use a Secure Browser

Most people choose a browser-based on its speed and ease of use. However, the browser’s security is more important than any other factor. Hackers can tap into the log of pages you visit from one website to the next. Our IT support team in Long Island is available to help you select a truly secure web browser. It will also help to clear your browsing history from time-to-time and use the built-in features that permit private browsing.

Back up the Data

Backing up data does not automatically secure information or even keep it private. However, a backup ensures you will not permanently lose your data. Your company could be hit by a cyber-attack. There might be a system failure. In some cases, tech simply does not work as expected. This is precisely why you should back up your data. Ideally, you will have several backups as no single option is completely foolproof.

Train Your Team to Avoid Clicking Shady or Unknown Links

A surprising number of people are willing to click unknown and shady links. If you do not recognize the link, do not click it. Otherwise, you open the door for spammers to tap into your personal data including your friends list, contact book and other email lists that create even more targets for the hacker. If you ever question whether a link is legitimate, run it by our IT consulting team in Long Island for review.

Bypass Public Wi-Fi

Though public places with no-cost Wi-Fi might seem convenient, the truth is public Wi-Fi connections are far from safe. If you absolutely have to hop on public Wi-Fi, do not transmit sensitive information or use login credentials for websites with financial or otherwise-valuable information. Assume you are being monitored while using public Wi-Fi, wrap up your browsing session as quickly as possible and wait until you are on a private connection to transmit any valuable/sensitive data.

Contact Us!

At Total Technology Solutions, our IT consulting team in Los Angeles is here to help with your online security needs. From firewalls to employee cybersecurity training, encryption and two-factor authentication, we are experts on all things related to digital security. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help in your battle against online threats.

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