October 29

IT Consulting on Long Island: Face to Face with Ransomware

Ransomware now poses the biggest threat to businesses as new variations are being deployed regularly. A ransomware attack can result in loss of sensitive data, disrupt regular operations or harm your organization’s image.

IT consulting professionals on Long Island can help through ransomware prevention and fast/lossless recovery after an attack.

How Does Ransomware Work?

Ransomware encrypts the files on your computer and displays notifications asking for payment for the data to be unlocked. Businesses suffer millions of dollars of losses every year due to ransomware. The monetary demand is usually in the form of virtual currency such as Bitcoin.

You might be infected…

Don’t take the risk, stay safe with 24-hour monitoring, diligent network management, and data backups provided by an IT consulting firm on Long Island.

Symptoms of a ransomware attack include:

  • You cannot open your files and get errors that they have the wrong extension or are corrupted
  • An alarming notification is appearing on your desktop with instructions on how to pay to unlock your data
  • There is a window that has opened to a ransomware program which you cannot close
  • Your file names suddenly appear as DECRYPT_INSTRUCTIONS.HTM or HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.TXT

The Cost to a Business

By the end of 2019, experts predict that ransomware will be attacking businesses every 14 seconds, according to data by Cybersecurity Ventures. The cost to businesses is now more than 75 billion annually. This is the new normal, but a managed IT services provider on Long Island can help to change the story for you, helping you prevent any kind of ransomware attack.

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Types of Ransomware

Ransomware can be classified into two categories as follows:

  • Crypto Ransomware – This ransomware finds and encrypts the valuable data on your computer. Your data will be useless until you obtain the decryption key. After infection, you will see the sudden pop-up payment message.
  • Locker Ransomware – Locker ransomware locks your computer’s user interface and then asks you to pay a fee to gain access to it. It does not touch your data, but only locks your devices.

The Worst in the Family

In the ransomware family, the two worst kinds have been rampantly affecting businesses:

Petya Ransomware – Its origin goes back to May 2016. It infects the Master Boot Record to execute the payload and encrypts all locally available data. Petya spreads like a worm, affecting everything in your network.

WannaCry Ransomware – It targets the Windows Operating System, and encrypts your data and critical documents. The pay demand is usually not less than $300 in bitcoin currency. If not paid the files are permanently deleted after seven days.

The Cryptojacking Trend

Some ransomware forms have evolved to cryptojacking. They don’t affect your files or ask for a payment, but they will be secretly using your machine’s processing power to mine cryptocurrency.

We Can Help!

At Total Technology Solutions, we provide wide-ranging IT consulting services on Long Island, including cybersecurity. Let’s help you prevent losses through an iron-clad defense strategy, and speedy incidence response.Contact us now for a free consultation.

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