July 29

IT Consulting in Long Island: Designing Your Disaster Recovery Plan

IT consulting service providers in Long Island advise every client with whom they work that tech issues aren’t aberrations, they’re part of the landscape. Unexpected emergencies will come. The best tech infrastructure can’t avoid reality.

Strategies to Reduce Emergency Impact

What makes sense is working with Long Island IT support experts to design emergency protocols which can be updated and which comprehensively protect data. Here are three strategies commonly used for such outcomes:

1. Analyze Associated Impact

IT consulting professionals in Long Island will first advise you to determine what the impact of downtime will be on your operations internally as well as externally–not only employees are affected, so are your customers. Internal analysis can be useful, but external analysis comes from professionals who deal with diverse customers and have an expanded perspective over yours.

2. Appropriate Redundancies and Off-Site Backups

Once you know what you need to protect operations from, the next thing to do is establish redundant backups–that means you have more than one.

It’s best to have three, ensure one of them isn’t located at your primary operational center in the event an emergency totally destroys that infrastructure.

3. Automated Updates, Backups, and Running Dry-Runs

Updating security in terms of antivirus, anti-malware, and firewall software is wise to help reduce downtime events. Additionally, you should establish automated backup protocols that almost continuously save your data–within reason, of course.

Some backups can slow network operations, which is undesirable. That said, once you’ve got everything set up, you need to have a few “dry runs” of recovery protocols to assure they work, and your staff understands how to put such protocols properly into play.

Bouncing Back from Disaster More Quickly

IT consulting can be instrumental in the analysis of emergency impact to your business. Total Technology Solutions can help you design off-site backups and appropriate redundancies, automate updates, design secure backups, and dry-run your recovery strategies to assure they work. To learn more, reach out to our IT consulting team in Los Angeles.

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