December 3

IT Consulting on Long Island: Cloud Migration Best Practices

IT consulting experts on Long Island continue to help businesses transfer their data to the cloud. Today, a significant percentage of companies that have cloud storage depend on the cloud for their operations. It is projected that by 2020, 83% of business workload will be handled in the cloud. Accessibility, cost savings, scalability, and automation are some of the benefits the businesses are leveraging.

However, the adoption of the cloud is easier said than done. If not well planned, it can do your business more harm than good. Here are cloud migration practices to adopt to enjoy the benefits of cloud services:

Train Your Staff in Advance

Lack of understanding of the best cloud security and management platform is a challenge 56% of the businesses migrating to the cloud face. Adoption of the cloud is effective when your employees understand cloud services. Training employees can help you combat and mitigate migration challenges.

Working with IT consulting experts on Long Island to equip your staff with cloud knowledge can make the transition smoother.

Minimize Distractions

Migrating to the cloud is a complicated process. Businesses lose an average of $100,000 every hour of downtime. Conduct cloud migration while at the same time keeping the disruption of operations on a minimum. Hiring a managed IT services provider on Long Island is an option to reduce distraction. Self-running migration is time-consuming and not cost-effective.

Assessing your current IT infrastructure gives you insights into its nature. With this knowledge, you can know how best to conduct the migration.

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Ensuring Compliance and Security

Regulations in the cloud environment include intellectual property rights. Data breach is among the cloud migration threats. Businesses are, therefore, expected to follow security procedures such as conducting training and providing extra layers of security to protect data.

Have a Data Migration Strategy

Having a data migration strategy aligned with your business goals is crucial. Categorize your workload in order of priority. To test the effectiveness of the process, start with the least sensitive workload. This gives you the confidence and experience needed to handle larger and more sensitive groups of data.


Automation of the migration process can increase efficiency in the process. More so, it can reduce downtime, hence minimize distractions. Also, it speeds up the cloud migration process, resulting in reduced risk and costs.

Transferring data and workload to the cloud not only ensures the continuity of your business by protecting data, it also increases the competitiveness of your business through increased effectiveness and efficiency. Assistance from IT consulting experts on Long Island ensures that you uphold the best cloud migration practices.

At Total Technology Solutions, we offer reliable cloud migration and management support. Contact us now for more information.

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