May 15

IT Consulting in Long Island: Choosing the Right Data Backup Option

Business continuity is a concern held by many business owners. Any amount of downtime can prove to see expensive in your business, especially if this occurs during your critical business hours— IT problems that lead to disruption of smooth business operations. You can guard against this by ensuring that you have chosen the right data backup option. If you don’t know the right data backup option for your business, then perhaps you should consider consulting with an IT consulting firm in Long Island that will walk you through the various options available in the market. There are three main types of data backup options available for business. These include:

  • Tape backup
  • Disk backup
  • Cloud backup

Tape Backup

Tapes are the oldest data storage media. Companies started using this media to store their mission-critical data around the 1960s. Some organizations still use tapes as their main data backup option. Tapes are the cheapest data storage media and can be stored in multiple sites ensuring that not all data is exposed in one location. However, tapes can serve to be an expensive option, especially when it comes to transporting the tapes to a secure data center for storage. It also takes longer to retrieve and restore data from tapes.

Disk Backup

Disk backup is considered to be faster and more reliable compared to tape backup. It takes a shorter time to write and copy from a disk compared to writing and copying from tapes. Most companies store their disk backup on site, a move that has both its advantages and disadvantages. On the flip side, disk storage done onsite can expose your backup to data loss. Disk backup can prove to be expensive.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is arguably the best option of the three. This is because of its scalability, security and manageable cost. This mode of data backup requires that you make a copy of your critical data and save it online or in the cloud. IT consulting firms in Long Island advise companies that use tape and disk storage to consider shifting to cloud backup because of its many advantages.
At Total Technology Solutions, in our experience as an IT consulting firm in Long Island, we have found that cloud data backup is the best option. Contact us now and let us help you shift your backup to the cloud.

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