December 13

With IT Consulting in Long Island, You Can Identify and Overcome Common Operational Vulnerabilities

Partnering with an IT consulting company in Long Island can help you put out a lot of fires as regards technology issues. Many of these are avoidable, and only exist owing to common mismanagement of IT. If you’re going to most effectively leverage MSP options toward operational security, you’ll want to avoid common mishaps in computer technology.

General Tips for Expanded Security

IT companies in Long Island often specify unique tech security procedures for unique businesses; however, regardless of the type of business you’re running, there are always basic things you should assure are being done for best security. Several include:

Strengthen Passwords to Avoid Brute Force Entry

IT consulting company in Long Island can help you manage passwords proactively. Ideally, login passwords should be reset daily. That’s not feasible for many businesses, assuring at least once a month passwords are changed in a secure way tends to work for most businesses. Consult an IT professional to determine the most efficient thresholds for your particular operation.

Audit and Monitor Employee Devices to Get Ahead of Malware

Conduct audits to determine what sort of software defines employee devices. Sometimes you’ve got malware hiding in the background, and this is your only way of counteracting it.

Assure You’ve Got Strong Backup Protocols and Updated Antivirus Software

An IT support provider can help you establish backup protocols which assure you’ve got data protected. Backups should be updated as continuously as possible, and you want multiple backups both on and off-site. Also, assure all antivirus software options are as contemporary as possible.

At Total Technology Solutions, we can help you establish strong passwords, keep employee devices free of malware, institute updated antivirus software, and ensure backup protocols are requisite to operational needs. If you would like to learn more, reach out to our IT consulting team in Long Island.

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