June 28

How IT Consulting in Long Island Can Give SMBs an Edge Through the Cloud

IT consulting firms in Long Island help small businesses retain competitiveness in multiple ways, yielding multiple benefits from multiple angles. Consider these advantages:

  • Productivity expansion
  • Cost reduction
  • Scalability

Productivity Expansion

Using IT consulting in Long Island will increase your productivity through proper use of cloud computing. With the cloud, you can outsource your desktop, allowing for network access which is meaningful and can facilitate remote work from wherever you happen to be. Bring your own device (BYOD) is an operational paradigm which has been shown to increase productivity. A managed service provider (MSP) facilitating such cloud-based options can be absolutely essential.

Cost Reduction

Cloud computing can cut out the costs of internal servers. Additionally, through BYOD, you can cut the costs of end-user portals for individual employees. You can even consolidate end-user portals through DaaS (Device as a Service). Security losses through cybercriminal intrusion can be reduced through cloud computing which facilitates database mirroring, reducing downtime normally associated with recovery. If you outsource all your tech, you can cut rental costs for your business’s necessary working space and free-up resources leading to operational optimization further expediting productivity.


Scaling out with the cloud is as simple as adding new access privileges–depending on how in-depth your cloud utility is, of course. The right MSP can help you make the cloud switch gradually or entirely, depending on your business’s needs. Once you’ve done as much, operational expansion needs are pretty easy to meet. The cloud does so naturally. If you were performing the same kind of upgrades with a non-cloud solution, you’d have to buy more equipment, rent more space, and the list goes on. While some of these operational needs still exist with the cloud, they are reduced substantially, likely even covering the cost of operating under a cloud paradigm.

Enabling Your Business

An IT consulting firm in Long Island can give you cloud computing solutions which reduce operational costs, allowing for better scalability, competitiveness, and productivity expansion. Contact us now at Total Technology Solutions to find out more.

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