March 19

How IT Consulting Company in Long Island Can Boost Your Business

Hanging onto old IT infrastructure could be costing your business big money. Not only that, but it puts you at much greater risk from cybercrime. Read on to know how IT consulting company in Long Island can replace your outdated IT infrastructure.


In the era of managed service providers (MSPs), you could find that the fears in your organization have been misplaced. MSPs offer the opportunity for your business to benefit from a revolutionary new approach to the provision and management of IT infrastructure. But first, let’s look at why in reality you cannot afford to stick with outdated IT:

The Risks of Old IT

Legacy IT systems suffer from three main problems:

  • Security – It can be difficult or impossible to keep legacy systems patched and up-to-date. This leaves you and your customers vulnerable to cybercrime. You may already have been penetrated and not even realize it.
  • Stability – Legacy systems run on outdated software and, often, hardware. Not only does this tend to be slow and inefficient (in terms of energy use), but it can be unstable. If you’re regularly dealing with system downtime, you may be suffering from a big problem with old IT infrastructure.
  • Productivity – Legacy systems tend to be inflexible. It’s hard to adapt them to today’s IT protocols, working processes, and regulations. Movement of data and files between older systems and newer systems may be slowing down your operations. Legacy systems typically don’t offer the flexibility or scalability available from MSP platforms. With your existing infrastructure, you may be locked into vendor contracts or the need to support legacy hardware. The costs of not being able to scale your systems up or down in line with your business operations could be hurting your bottom line.

The MSP Business Boost

IT consulting company in Long Island help businesses address all three problems above. Partnering with an IT company, you get flexibility and scalability. You pay only for the resources you need. You get industry-standard protocols, monitoring, and reporting, as well as levels of support that are expensive, if not impossible, for most SMBs to enjoy in-house. You enjoy up-to-date systems secured against the latest threats. Services are delivered using interfaces and processes that are understood widely, so your employees face minimal disruption to the way they work.

These are just some of the benefits of replacing old IT with the help of IT consulting company in Long Island. To know more, contact us now at Total Technology Solutions .

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