March 3

IT Consulting in Long Island Can Be Your Best Line of Defense Against Bloatware

IT consulting in Long Island can be an essential means of identifying and destroying bloatware that comes pre-installed in some operating systems and computers. A lot of advertisement agencies make deals with developers, and the result is add-ons that effectively “push” pop-ups and other ad software.

Deflecting Bloatware

Los Angeles IT support providers can help you identify and either defer or remove bloatware. There are a few different things which are worth considering in this regard. Several basic you can take to get rid of Windows bloatware include the following:

  • First: Find Windows Security on your device.
  • Second: Find the section on “Device Health”.
  • Third: Look for “Fresh Start”, then open the additional info button.
  • Fourth: When you click on this button, you should see a menu pop up.
  • Fifth: When the menu pops up, click on the Next button.
  • Sixth: A list of “bloatware” should pop up. Remove what you want.
  • Seventh: Click the Next button.
  • Eighth: Click on Start.

Measures for Non-Windows Devices

Different devices will have different means of deferring bloatware. For the most part, you can avoid it in non-Windows devices; but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you’ll download a software suite that comes with some sort of hidden adware built-in, and you won’t realize you’ve got an issue until you’ve got to wade through mounds of pop-ups to get anywhere.

Avoid Third-Party Apps

IT consulting in Long Island can be fundamental in helping you overcome bloatware on diverse devices. Sometimes you’ll have Trojans slip in through third-party applications, and these can be even worse than bloatware. There are many reasons you shouldn’t ever download third-party apps; but then again, there are those which can be vetted. So it’s important to determine safe third-party apps before installing.

Managing Bloatware and Eliminating Malware

IT consulting in Long Island can play a key role in helping you avoid bloatware and other malware. New threats develop regularly, and it’s best to keep up-to-date. To learn more, contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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