February 26

IT Consulting in Long Island: Business Continuity Planning

To ensure the success of their businesses, executives turn to an IT consulting firm in Long Island to improve the day-to-day business operations and business continuity planning. Although IT support is critical for daily business operations, business continuity is only possible with proper mitigation of disruptions. IT disasters, cyber attacks, gas leaks, fire outbreaks, and floods are among the constant threats to the continuity of your operation. They are a ticking time bomb with the potential to bring your business to a halt.
It is critical to have a business continuity plan to ensure your business will recover from such disasters and resume normal operations within an acceptable timeframe. The reality of the modern-day business environment is that a single disruption can take you out of business. However, with a proper business continuity plan, you will have a clear framework to support critical business functions, no matter the circumstances.


IT consulting firms in Long Island acknowledge that IT systems are the first line of defense when a disruptive incident arises. They recommend contingency plans to help your business withstand disasters and an alternative approach to recovery beyond your general readiness capacity. With IT at center stage for business operations, your company needs redundancy of IT infrastructure and alternative business premises to avoid failure. Alternative equipment and facilities will allow you to continue operating even if a disaster destroys your office.


Disastrous events are a risk factor that affects data security, profitability and the quality management of your business. To achieve robust recovery arrangements, your business continuity plan needs risk management. First, assess the potential sources of business disruption and their impact in the event of a disaster. Next, establish a structured approach to address specific operational objectives, such as data backup, crisis communication, and employee safety. This guarantees you have the resiliency to withstand the worst kind of a disaster.
While these steps may seem obvious, successful disaster recovery and business continuity requires thorough planning and a detail-oriented approach. With the help of a specialty IT firm, you can successfully set your disaster planning to work for you in the event of a crisis.

Disaster Preparedness Testing

As with all business processes, planning is worthless without testing. After identifying your recovery strategy and priorities, you need to test and ensure they are workable in practice. Testing your disaster recovery elements for business continuity has to be done regularly, otherwise, you risk having an out-of-date plan.
Continuous revision and testing of your disaster recovery plan is necessary and can reveal potential shortcomings for you to fix before they become part of the problem. For instance, if your crisis communications channels are not properly stated due to a phone carrier change, your entire recovery plan becomes useless. Routine disaster drills will help you clarify important details in your plans.
An IT consulting firm in Long Island can help you with business continuity planning and protect your business against unforeseen disruptions in the event of a disaster. Contact us today at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about our services.

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